You're an entrepreneur balancing work and family life

You're ambitious, but also care about intentional living and avoiding burnout

You've struggled with body image and/or are fed up with diet culture

While I don't have my own podcast (yet!), I've loved being a guest on podcasts over the last few years and getting the opportunity to talk about business, motherhood, ambition, finding balance and life in general. Keep reading for links to the recent episodes I've been a guest on.

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Podcast Interviews

I'm a small business owner, brand content creator and marketing geek that loves to learn and share that knowledge with others. I'm an Enneagram 3 with a 2 wing, and nothing makes me happier than helping others know their worth and live confident, whole-hearted lives of freedom — both personally and professionally.

While I'm working on a few new things for 2021, right now I teach style classes, create content for brands to use on their own channels, consult on marketing for small businesses and design minimalist, California-inspired jewelry.

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