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What People Are Saying

"After years of donning statement necklaces, I've come to realize that sometimes (most times) less really is more. What I love about Natalie Borton jewelry—her necklaces particularly—is how simple it is. And yet in its simplicity, it still has something to say. To me, they are the exclamation point on every outfit—adding that little something that pulls the whole look together. They are unique enough to make them feel fresh in a saturated market, but still classic enough to stand the test of time. Natalie Borton pieces are the kind that you'll hold onto for season after season and year after year not only because of their aesthetic but for their well-made craftsmanship, too. The necklaces are dressy enough for the office while still perfectly appropriate paired with a t-shirt and jeans. Aside from my engagement ring and pearl earrings, Natalie Borton jewelry is honestly the only thing I wear."

—Shawna Nadelman, Shawna Leeann

"I am the biggest fan of the Addison necklace. It compliments any outfit, whether it's yoga pant casual or date night worthy. It is effortlessly feminine and adds such a lovely feel to any outfit. It is definitely safe to say that it is my go-to!"

—Lauren Scruggs, LOLO Magazine

"The tassel necklace is one of my favorite go-to pieces!  I get so much wear out of this ONE necklace that it's really about all I need.  I love layering the necklace with a few shorter necklaces or wearing it on its own.  I can pair it with a striped turtleneck, a velvet dress, or a plain tee (all of which I've worn with the tassel necklace).  Natalie's is one of my very favorite pieces and I love that it's hand made from a familiar face which gives it even more value."

—Conni Jespersen, Art in the Find

"The Addison necklace is a forever-favorite kind of necklace...the kind that you love now and for years to come. It's delicate, timeless, and effortlessly stylish in a very easy, simple way. I actually have the necklace on as I type, which is not unusual since I constantly find myself reaching for this necklace in the morning to finish off my look. Natalie's jewelry line embodies her California-chic, casual cool-girl style that we are all inspired by via her Instagram and blog. Her jewelry pieces reflect that same attitude and add a fun detail to minimal outfits, making your total look unique and one-of-a-kind. I have always thought that Natalie's jewelry line looks very Madewell-meets-Anthropologie, so maybe one day we will see these gorgeous items on their sites and stores!"

—Melissa Mayer, LOLO Magazine

"I own 4 pieces of Natalie Borton jewelry and each one is so unique and well crafted. Natalie's style is effortless and timeless and that shines through in every one of her designs. Not only are they beautiful they are well crafted and well made. I get so excited when one comes in the mail, it's kinda like Christmas."

—Chrissy Powers, Chrissy Powers