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I design minimalist, California-inspired jewelry for my jewelry brand, Natalie Borton Designs, which I started in 2015. I am also a co-founder of The Shoppe Guide, an online marketplace and community built to educate, champion, and support small businesses.

I'm an Enneagram 3 with a 2 wing, and nothing makes me happier than helping others know their worth and live confident, whole-hearted lives of freedom — both personally and professionally. 

While I'm a big fan of fashion and exploring personal style, I also believe that what we look like is the least interesting thing us and that we are capable of so much more than we realize in life.

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- Jamie varon

"Imagine the woman you want to be. Think of what her daily life, her habits, and routines would be. Start showing up to those habits and routines, start building them, step by step, and day by day. You don't become her like magic. You build her. Start building."